Summer Camp is the Answer

Summer is well underway, and there is still lots of fun to be had. Oftentimes, children reach a point each summer, outside of their normal routines of school, where they need more. Perhaps they aren’t getting enough stimulation. Perhaps they end up with too much free time that’s filled with screen time or even acting out. A summer activity can help fill their free hours and enrich their minds, all at the same time. 

Camp isn’t just for kids that need more out of their summer days. It’s also a great opportunity for children who haven’t yet experienced a classroom setting and need to be better prepared for starting school. Is your child ready for new adventures outside the home? Are you interested in providing them with a new enriching environment? Starting preschool can be a challenging transition for some children if they aren’t properly prepared for the change. That’s why we encourage those interested in starting school to first start with our Summer Camp.

Great Beginnings Summer Camp 

Summer Camp at Great Beginnings provides children an opportunity to learn and grow in the arts and exploration-centered environment. We provide a home-based camp to help children feel more comfortable in their new settings. Plus, this provides an opportunity for your child to grow intellectually and socially as well. Your child gets to develop friendships, learn the importance of communicating well with others, and learn to interact with others his or her age. This doesn’t just make preschool an easier transition but will help tremendously as they start school in the coming years. 

Camp Activities

Our child-centered Summer Camp is still built on the same ideals we practice throughout the year. Part of what we teach is to promote social, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. While our friendly and welcoming teachers are consistently encouraging your child’s growth, we know that, oftentimes, the best students learn by doing. That’s why our Summer Camp encourages your child to – quite literally – get his or hands dirty and dive right in. 

Our calendar is filled with exciting activities for your children that also promote learning. We provide opportunities for your child to experience new events, learn new ideas, and help foster his or her creativity. We also have weekly water play days to help beat the summer heat, because isn’t barreling down a water slide an important part of every summer?!

Our August calendar also includes: 

  • Building Popsicle Stick Airplanes
  • Chalk and Water Art Activities
  • Mind and Body Connection 
  • Yoga and Meditation Challenges
  • Petting Zoo Visit
  • Luau, Dance, and Musical Chairs Event 
  • End of Summer Potluck Party

Want your child to experience more this summer? Start with Summer Camp at Great Beginnings! It doesn’t just provide your child with a fun-filled summer, it prepares them for future learning. 

Interested in enrolling your child in Summer Camp at Great Beginnings? Contact us soon, as enrollment can fill up quickly. Contact us at 818-763-5859 or email us at to get started.