Our Philosophy

Great Beginnings believes that children develop best in a loving, nurturing environment where active learning is encouraged. We know that your child will develop at a pace which may be completely different from the child sitting next to him/her. Hence, we provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on a child-centered perspective that acknowledges your child as a whole: a social, cognitive, emotional, and physical individual.

Class Structure

Our classes are grouped according to age and with consideration given to four main areas of child-centered development; social, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. Class sizes are small usually averaging nine or ten students per teacher. Lessons covered include pre-reading; pre-math; perceptual and cognitive; science; social studies; listening and manners; problem solving; music and dance; arts and crafts; physical exercise and outdoor activity time.Classes are conducted in a semi-structured setting proving discipline but also encouraging and allowing free choice.

As early educators we assume the role of teacher, health care provider, counselor, nutritionist and friend.

Teacher’s Credentials

Classes are grouped according to age and are guided by a teacher experienced in working with young children. All teachers have completed the necessary Early Child Education (ECE) courses and many of our staff hold bachelors degrees or are pursuing higher education.

Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment

We work diligently to create and keep a clean environment for your children. We employ the services of a cleaning crew that cleans every night, disinfect toys and teach the importance of hand washing.As well as conducting periodic earthquake and fire drills all staff is trained in CPR and 1st aid.


Our menu includes fruits and vegetables each day but children are welcomed to bring their own food from home. Special needs are taken into consideration on a child to child basis.


At Great Beginnings we follow guidelines when handling disciplinary issues. A general set of rules is created at the beginning of the school year for each child to follow. In addition children are encouraged to work together to solve problems.Classes are held in a semi-conducted setting providing discipline but also allowing free choice and a socially healthy atmosphere. All teachers help each child achieve self-discipline by modeling appropriate behaviors.

Parent/Teacher Partnership

We know that you are the most important and influential caregiver of your child, and we encourage a strong partnership between you and our entire staff. Together we can create a nurturing environment that is full of possibilities for your child. We offer your child the tools and guidance to become socially mature, cognitively challenged, emotionally stable, and physically strong.

The overall goal of Great Beginnings is to give your child the experience necessary to begin a lifetime of learning.