What We Believe In

At Great Beginnings, we believe in going back to the basics.

We believe that children develop best in a loving, nurturing environment where active hands-on learning is encouraged. We know that your child will develop at a pace which may be completely different from the child sitting next to him/her. Hence, we provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that acknowledges your child as a whole: a social, cognitive, emotional, and physical individual.

We are a hands-on, child-centered preschool. Our play-based classrooms are broken up into sections and teachers encourage your child to play while facilitating social skills along the way.

Technology is not our first tool used in teaching your child, in fact, it’s not used at all. Great Beginnings is an extremely exploratory, tactile learning environment where your child will help plant a garden, paint with their hands, or work as a team building a castle.

We communicate with our students in an open, respectful and honest way so that everyone in the classroom knows boundaries, expectations, and correct behavior.

Lessons covered include pre-reading; pre-math; perceptual and cognitive; science; social studies; listening and manners; problem-solving; music and dance; arts and crafts; gross motor skills and outdoor activity time. Classes are conducted in a semi-structured setting proving discipline but also encouraging and allowing free choice. Our goal is to help your child build self-esteem so learning in a classroom environment is fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Class sizes are age appropriate usually averaging nine or ten students per teacher for the younger groups and ten to twelve for older groups and pre-K.

We provide the support and guidance to working families, ensuring that their children have a great educational start.

We know that you are the most important and influential caregiver for your child, and we encourage a strong partnership between you and our entire staff. Together we can create a nurturing environment that is full of possibilities for your child. We offer your child the tools and guidance to become socially mature, cognitively challenged, emotionally stable, and physically strong.

The overall goal of Great Beginnings is to give your child the experience necessary to begin a lifetime of learning.

To discuss our philosophy and teaching style, please email us or call us at 818-763-5859.