What We Teach

At Great Beginnings, we provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on a child-centered perspective that acknowledges your child as a whole: a social, cognitive, emotional, and physical individual. We create an environment which will motivate your child to discover and apply new skills. Children become active learners through play as well as teacher-guided morning circle time, group art projects and morning instruction; our teachers will observe your child and respond to inquiries and activities initiated by him/her.

How do our teachers promote social, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth?

Our staff strives to build an extraordinary relationship with your child and you. You will be informed and included in all decisions regarding your child’s’ needs. We welcome and encourage your input in creating the best learning environment possible.

At Great Beginnings, we believe your child is a special part of the human existence and is a valuable part of life. Research is continuing to find that the early learning years form the foundation for later development.

Great Beginnings is where a lifetime of learning begins.

To schedule a tour of Great Beginnings, email us or call us at 818-763-5859.