Summer Camp With Great Beginnings

Kids playing outside

The beginning of enrollment in our Summer Camp holds a special place in our hearts. It’s an ideal entry point for your child to embark on an exciting journey of fun and learning. Our Summer Camp offers a unique opportunity for kids to engage in a wide range of enriching activities, explore their interests, and forge new friendships while experiencing the joys of the sunny season. The warm, welcoming atmosphere makes it a perfect time to become part of our school community and create lasting memories for your child.

Activities at Our Summer Camps

Great Beginnings’ Summer Camp is a vibrant playground for arts and exploration. We foster creativity and curiosity in every child by introducing them to various art mediums through engaging projects that ignite their imagination. Our weekly water days provide the perfect escape from the summer heat, ensuring that every child has a fantastic time.

In addition to art and water fun, our camp hosts special in-house activities that infuse learning with excitement. From magical performances and petting zoos to mesmerizing bubble shows, puppet theaters, and exhilarating water slides, there’s never a dull moment.

Our teachers create a welcoming and warm environment, encouraging children to relax, make new friends, and savor the full spectrum of delights our summer camp offers.

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How to Join Our Kids’ Summer Camps & Programs

Enrollment spaces tend to fill up rapidly, reflecting the popularity of our programs. To secure a spot for your child’s memorable journey with us, we encourage you to reach out promptly. Feel free to contact us at 818-763-5859 or send an email to We’re eager to assist you in making the beginning of this adventure an easy and enjoyable process. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the Great Beginnings experience in North Hollywood, CA.