What We Eat

We emphasize the importance of healthy eating habits and taking care of our bodies. We offer well-balanced meals and encourage parents not participating in our hot lunch program to do the same. As a reduced sugar school, we kindly ask parents to get creative and provide alternatives to cakes and cupcakes for birthday celebrations. We are more than happy to recommend and brainstorm options with you

We offer two daily snacks (am/pm) and a hot lunch program that parents can choose to opt-in to.  We receive weekly deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables and cook all of our own food with the exception of Pizza Fridays. Children are always welcome to bring their own food from home as well. Allergies are taken into consideration on a child to child basis.

A typical days menu is, cereal and milk in the morning, cheese quesadilla, rice and beans and milk for lunch, and carrot and celery sticks and orange juice in the afternoon.

View our current menu here 

To discuss our food program or your child’s’ dietary needs, email us or call us at 818-763-5859.