Create Indoor Fun on Rainy Days

Family bonding time really changes during the winter, even in our mild Southern California climate. Sure, it can be easy to get your little ones to go for a swim, visit the playground, or spend a day riding bikes or hiking the trails. However, how much rumbling and grumbling do you get when it’s too cold – or wet – to get outdoors? We’ve compiled a few ideas to help you fight those “I just want to go outside” blues. 

Make Dinner Together

Dinnertime already helps bring families together; why not make it an event? A fun idea could be making your own pizza! You can go all out and make your own dough or you can buy a pizza kit. Then, grab all of your favorite toppings and set out a smorgasbord. We know it can be difficult to get your kids to try new things but think outside the box. How adventurous can you get with different types of cheese, or mushrooms or anchovies? What about trying a pesto or white sauce vs. the traditional red sauce.  Is pepperoni their favorite? See if they can make a funny face on their crust. Who knows? Maybe tonight will finally be the night they branch out and try a new veggie. If nothing else, at least you all will have fun making dinner together. 

Board Game Night

Ah, board games. The original family fun night staple. But when was the last time your family sat down together and played one? 

There are lots of games for preschool-aged children that are fun, and also help learn colors, shapes, and deductive reasoning. Consider the classics such as Cootie, Hungry Hungry Hippo, or Candyland. Memory is also fun and you can easily reduce the number of cards to make it simpler for younger ones.  

Have older kids to entertain too? Think more action-filled games such as Pictionary, charades, Catch Phrase, or Pie Face! (If you haven’t seen Pie Face! definitely consider checking it out! Who doesn’t want to see their parents take a pie to the face?)

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to get up and around while still indoors. You can make a checklist of clues or consider taking hunters from clue to clue. For example, if the first clue leads them to the pantry, have a clue in the pantry that takes them to the next location. 

Keep it interesting by building up the suspense. Perhaps each clue is a piece of a puzzle that makes a bigger clue? Or, maybe the pantry clue, for example, is tied to a fun treat. And, of course, make sure there is a prize at the end. Maybe it’s a great opportunity to introduce that new game for the family? Or some fun toppings for an ice cream sundae party? You can keep the fun going all night! 

Camp Out – In the Living Room 

Camping can always be fun, but what about camping indoors? Consider even pitching your tent right in the living room. Or, making a large fort with all the pillows and cushions in the house. At the very least, drag out the sleeping bags for a big sleepover.

Don’t forget the camping essentials. Grab supplies to have hot dogs and even make your own s’mores. Bonus points if you can use the fireplace to get them toasty warm. 

Don’t let your family fall victim to the cold, rainy weather blues. Make a family night in just as fun. It could be just the shakeup everyone needs.