Teaching Resilience at a Young Age

We recently came across an article from Love and Logic, a group who focuses on positive parenting solutions. This article particularly stood out, as it really spoke to our mission of building resilience in children. One part especially:

“We want kids to believe solutions don’t have to come from an outside source but can come from inside.”

This is something we strongly support. Resilience is a tricky subject for most. It’s tough to know if are you truly helping your child when they are down or hurt, or are you, in fact, solving problems during every little obstacle they face? It can be incredibly difficult to watch your child struggle and you want to jump in to pick up the pieces. Teaching resilience can help you feel more confident about your children getting through their own struggles which will lead them to feel more confident. They soon realize that they can create solutions even when you aren’t there to help them.

Teaching resilience can start with very small actions. Perhaps your child is struggling to fix a puzzle that just won’t go together. Or, perhaps they want to wear their favorite superhero shirt that is in the wash. Whatever the problem, if issues result in meltdowns or temper tantrums, it is sure to put a damper on the day. Instead of rushing to find the solution for them, or coddle them as they cry, try to help them find a solution on their own. Invite them to try a different route when fixing their puzzle. Encourage them to plan their wardrobe based on when their clothes are clean. The more they try to come up with their own solutions, the more they will realize that they can without your prompting.

All the caregivers who create positive relationships with your child can help them gain independence and help foster resilience. When a child knows there is always someone to count on, obstacles don’t seem so difficult. They know if things get tough they can turn to a caregiver for help. At Great Beginnings, we strive to be just that environment.

Part of what we teach in our school includes teaching taking an initiative, making careful decisions, and finding strategic solutions. While, of course, we stress a traditional preschool education to ensure your child is properly prepared for kindergarten, we also want much more for your child. That’s why we include social, cognitive, emotional, and physical education in our curriculum. We think it’s just as important your child knows how to handle a tough social interaction or learn self-expression as it is to write their name and sing their ABCs.

Does your child struggle with being resilient? Do they burst into tears at the first sign of a hardship? Reach out, we’d love to help. You can give us a call at 818-763-5859. We would love to be another nurturing environment in your child’s life and help them see just how strong they really are.