Ways to Make the Transition to School Easier

Starting school for the first time, or even just after a long summer, can be a tough transition for children and parents alike. Summer is filled with long days of play and school, no matter how much your children may enjoy it, brings structure. There are ways to make the process easier for everyone.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

Be prepared. It rings true for so many aspects of life, but certainly when it comes to starting school. When considering tips for easing into preschool, “prepare your child” is something you’ll hear often. But, let them play an active role. Allow them to pick out their backpack to have something they love when entering an unfamiliar territory. Show up to class a little early so they aren’t overwhelmed with the flock of children. Or, better yet, bring them before the school year even starts. Let them see the classroom, the playground, and meet our teachers. It helps to have a sense of what’s happening before it does.

Don’t Dismiss Their Fears.

When children are afraid, they have good reason to be. Don’t make them feel like they are silly for feeling afraid. Let them know you understand this is a new environment and a big change for them. Let them know what they can expect to help ease their fears. When they, almost undoubtedly, express those fears at drop off each morning, don’t try to hush them or squash their meltdown by sneaking away. They need to understand that you are there for them and there is nothing to fear. When you sneak away, those fears will only grow because now they have questions about their undying trust in you as well.

Play an Active Role in Your Child’s Day.

At Great Beginnings, we make honest and open communication with our parents a top priority. We have clear expectations for our students and make them known right away. This way, we can work together to better your child’s future. You will know about your child’s lessons and activities, so encourage them to share their day with you by prompting them with questions. (Hint, children respond better when asked what they liked about their day, rather than how was their day, which often gets a resounding “fine.”) This communication helps your children to understand that their teachers are working with you, which helps them to trust their teachers and feel more comfortable at school.

We promote physical, cognitive, and social growth at Great Beginnings. So, while we will work tirelessly to expand your child’s knowledge, we also want to work to prepare them for the world socially as well. We will do our part to make the transition as smooth as possible, but we will be most successful by working in partnership with you.

Want to bring your children to tour our school? We’d love to have you! Call us at 818-763-5859 or you email us. We’ll schedule a tour for you, at your convenience. Then, you and your child can see how Great Beginnings really is a place for exactly that.